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Glass Office Walls and See-Through Office Panels

You need more privacy now but don’t want to lose the open feel of you office. Your noise-distracted office workers have low productivity and low morale.


Consider installing gorgeous Glass office walls and see-through office panels.


Modern modular walls turn a plain space into a stylish, sectioned office. Sliding or swing doors can be added to close private offices and meeting rooms. Choose solid fabric or laminate wall components to compliment furniture and create more privacy for sight and sound.


Do you lease your space? Most likely, you don’t want to make costly modifications and additions you can’t own or take with you as your company grows. Modular office walls can be relocated with your company.


Or maybe you own your space but can’t disrupt your office with lengthy, dusty construction of permanent walls. Office walls can be installed even while others in the space are working happily away.


More glass office wall advantages:



Reach out today.

atWork can design and outfit your open space with quality Canadian glass office wall products. From idea, to design to installation.

Lease financing is also an option.



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