Why Office Design Matters – Part 2 of 2

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In the last article we listed four principles from Thomas H. Davenport concerning the relationship between office design and knowledge worker productivity. In this article we will cover the final four principles.

“Particular designs can encourage certain types of behavior, although they will never guarantee it.”
Excerpted from – Thinking for a Living: How to Get Better Performance and Results from Knowledge Workers by Thomas H. Davenport.

Balance is the key word. Going too far in one aspect (e.g. openness) may hinder some individuals’ productivity due to the environment making it difficult to concentrate. For smooth adoption, the resulting design should reflect an extrapolation out from the organization’s existing work culture – rather than looking like something out of another industry or culture.

Knowledge workers concentrate.

Knowledge workers work in the office.

Knowledge workers communicate with people who are close by.

Knowledge workers don’t care about facilities gewgaws.
I admit it I had to look up “gewgaws” – Miriam-Webster: “A showy thing; especially one that is useless or worthless.”

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