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Check back - our used selection changes weekly!

Used Office Chair

$125.00/ea – cream patterned padded seat, adjustable arms, chrome wheelbase, Only 12+ in Stock

Item # 200C-SI16

Clearout New Bar Stool

$569.99/ea reg NOW $469.99 – Hon Flock, Baby blue, cushy, Only 6 in Stock

Item # 200C-SI12

Clearout New Plush Guest Chair

Reg $529.99 NOW $399.99 – Baby Blue padded guest chair , Only 1 in Stock

Item # 200C-SH07

Clearout New OSP High Back

Reg $479.99 – NOW – $99.99 – All Mesh , chrome set arms and wheelbase, Only 1 in Stock

Item # 200C-SE11

Clearout New Stacker

$189.99/ea – Vinyl Grey, mobile, padded seat, 10 in Stock

Item # 200C-SD19

Clearout New Club Chair

Reg $399.99 – NOW $299.99 , Cherry medallion, Only 1 in Stock

Item # 200C-SD17

Used Stackers

$20.00/ea – Brown tweed, 100 in Stock

Item # 200C-SC09

Used Stackers

$25.00/ea – light blue, padded stackers, Only 8 in Stock

Item 200C- SC14

Clearout New Hon Guest Chair

Reg $439.99 for a pair NOW $419.99 for a pair – Hon Motivation, mobile, black with armrests – 23 Pairs in Stock

Item # 200C-SB01

Clearout New Club Chair

Reg $679.99/ea NOW $579.99/ea – Mocha, Only 2 in Stock

Item # 200C-SA30

Used Guest Chair

$25.00/ea Taupe Pattern, sled base, set arms, 14 in Stock

(Off-site Warehouse item, please schedule a viewing)

Item 160C-SA09

Clearout New Large Chair Mat

Regular $349.99 NOW $299.99 – footprint of 60″ x 72″ with Grippers, Deflicto, Only 1 in Stock

Item # 200C- RJ15

Used Brown Office Chair

$599.99/ea – Brown, mesh back, adjustable arms, Only 2 in Stock

Item # 200C-RH10

Clearout New Silver Sage Stackers

Reg $59.99/ea NOW- $49.99/ea -Silver Sage KP Stacker, fabric, ganging hooks for neatness and fire compliance (reg $10 option), an outstanding 250 in Stock

Item # 200C-RH07

Used Teal Office Chair

$125.00/ea – Teal colour with adjustable arms, Only 3 in stock

Item # 160C-QK01

Clearout New Fabric Club Chair

$200.00 – Warm Taupe ,Only 1 in stock

Item # 200C-QI01

Clearout New HON Flock Ottoman

$449.99\ea  Green cushioned square ottoman 2 available

Item # 200C-PK01

Clearout New Square-Backed Club Chairs

$1249.99 ea – Grey Hon Flock chair – Only 2 in Stock

Item # 200C-PK06