Time for Spring Cleaning? Your Office is a Germ Hangout

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I was connecting with Charlotte Gummesson, co-founder of Canada’s iRestify.com a few days ago about spring cleaning the office. Her cleaning service has a passion as a deep cleaning service for Toronto offices and businesses around the region.

Our conversation turned into a rather surprising discovery for me. And you will not want to miss this. But before continuing, I must warn you. If you have a phobia about germs, you might want to scroll straight thru to the contact details for Charlotte and her team.


Let’s Continue…

Charlotte told me that an office desk has more germs than a toilet seat.

Yes, I said it.

A – Toilet – Seat.

I told her that was unbelievable. So we looked it up. Sure enough, we found it right there on the Global News website.

According to the Canada Safety Council, “the average office toilet seat had 49 germs per square inch.” While that may not surprise you, look at what else they found. “Desktops had almost 21,000 germs per square inch, and phones had more than 25,000 germs per square inch.”

So your workspace has more germs than a toilet seat!

Where are the disinfecting wipes?!


Why You Should Know

I wanted to tell you this little tidbit for two reasons.


Here are more reasons for cleaning your office regularly.

A clean office is an happy office. A dirty office space affects morale. It sets the wrong mood as soon as you walk in the door. You can brighten everyone’s day by maintaining a clean office.

A clean office has fewer sick days. A dirty office allows more germs to spread to more workers. Then more workers get sick from exposure. A clean office will reduce exposure to germs, resulting in healthier workers. And after this past flu season, a professional, experienced cleaner could be deeply needed.

A clean office projects an image. Imagine a visitor seeing a dirty office space. What does that image project to them about how you conduct business. A clean office says you care enough about your business to keep it clean.

A clean office improves productivity. Using a regularly scheduled professional cleaning service allows you to save time in your business or office. While office managers will often ask their employees to chip in and clean, this uses time and resources better focused on work at hand. And even better – a clean office is organized and productive for your team.


More To The Story?

I’m not going to go into more facts Charlotte revealed to me about office germs. It’s too icky. If you really have to know, you can ask her yourself – professional cleaners know their stuff.

Connect with Charlotte and the team at iResitfy!


Erifili & Charlotte – founders of iRestify

About iRestify
iRestify.com provides an easy way to book and manage cleaning services online in much of Ontario. Download an instant quote. All cleaning experts are vetted and insured. For more information, contact Charlotte Gummesson at 647-225-8378 or charlotte@irestify.com

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