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Zola by Krug – a collection of modular and freestanding soft seating, benches, and tables. Zola‘s light, sleek grace belies its superb strength and durability, making it an ideal solution for high traffic, intensive use reception areas and public spaces.

  • Zola is built to last and designed to enable change: components are inter-changeable, reconfigurable and replacement
  • Incredible versatility in its extensive offering and can be reconfigured with ease
  • Wood or upholstered backs and a large selection of both linked and freestanding seating & tables
  • Heavy-duty structure is designed for intensive use environments and made to withstand the rigors of demanding use
  • Removable and replaceable upholstery covers for easy cleaning, disinfecting or repair
  • Built-in clean out feature – space at the back of the seat that allows debris to fall to the floor for easy clean up
  • Zola is designed to enable change: components are inter-changeable, reconfigurable and replaceable
  • Metal-to-metal bracketry and frames allow fast, easy reconfiguring, and new components can be added at any time
  • Unique glides with 1.25″ adjustability provide exceptional leveling capability over large spans and on uneven floors
  • Optional power docks, tablet tables and urethane arm caps
  • Extensive array of fabrics and colours including leather

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Warranty PDF Limited 10 year Warranty

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