Harmony “Study Carrel” Acoustic Privacy


  • Harmony "Study Carrel" Acoustic Privacy
  • Harmony "Study Carrel" Acoustic Privacy
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Sit/Stand privacy – Peaceful working space.

Harmony “Study Carrel” Acoustic Privacy are a simple addition to standing desks to lower the noise disruption and raise the beautification of your office.

  • Surround your standing desk top 4 standard sizes
  • Straight cut panels with curved user-side corners
  • Note: Created to fit onto a 1” thick top
  • Space is required underneath worksurface for unit to slide beneath
  • 2 small cutouts along the back for cord management
  • PET acoustic material
  • Many gorgeous colours
  • Simple assembly and attachment


Harmony “Study Carrel” Acoustic Privacy, engineered for privacy and reducing distraction caused by noise or line of sight, adaptable to any desk. Easy no tools installation. Fully tack-able and provides a great answer to social distancing concerns. A simple, set up and takedown that allows for units to be quickly removed or relocated when necessary.


Harmony “Study Carrel” Acoustic Privacy come pretreated with “AEGIS® Microbe Shield”; a safe, effective antimicrobial surface treatment that renders surfaces inhospitable to the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, yeast, algae, and odours that can adversely affect the life and performance of a product.

AEGIS® is not a disinfectant – AEGIS® is a long-term surface protection that continues to control and prevent the growth of Microbes 24/7 on hard and soft surfaces for 365 days between cleanings by neutralizing the Microbe’s natural cell protection.

Depth 24", 30"
Width 48", 60" or 72"
Height 20"
Construction / Materials PET
Warranty PDF Warranty PDF
Instructions PDF Assembly Instructions

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