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  • Tayco Scene Workstation Shields
Tayco - Scene

These challenging times have forced us away from the office in an effort to stay safe. Make sure your office is ready when it’s time to return – with Tayco Scene Shield.

  • Tayco Scene Shields are a modern take on divisional solutions using Tayco’s signature Scene posts
  • Quick and easy to install
  •  Can be retrofitted to any current setup
  • Scene Shields are simply attached with a clamp, avoiding any damage to the surface
  • Or the Shields can be permanently fastened with screws – your choice!
  • Available as a single screen, “U” shape, and individual parts
  • Customized set-ups for existing benching configurations readily created
  • Height of 24″
  • Widths of 24″ – 72″
  • Scene Shield comes in full height or with a 2” gap between the surface and shield to allow for the easy pass-through of items between neighbours
  • Wide range of finishes including Clear Acrylic, Laminate and P.E.T. Felt
  • Posts in Black, White or Silver

The requirements for physical distancing will not disappear. Keep your team safe and help your employees feel comfortable returning to the office with stylish, protective Tayco Scene Plexiglass Shields.

Width 24" - 72"
Height 24"

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