Horizon Adjustable Footrest


  • Horizon Adjustable Footrest
Horizon Furniture - Activ Seating

Do you sit for a long time? Studies have shown that footrests improve your posture and circulation, as well as reduce muscle fatigue.

  • Horizon FR01 Adjustable Footrest is made from a solid and sustainable product design that will help you create a healthy and comfortable working environment by reducing neck, back and leg strain
  • Footplate surface has a rubber, non-slip cover mat providing optimal comfort and stimulating blood circulation
  • Angle of the footrest can be adjusted with a single foot movement so that the ankle can always be kept at a 90 degree angle, encouraging you to stretch your legs from time to time
  • Tilt and height adjustments can also be adjusted with a single foot movement
  • Apart from a good working posture, footrests help to prevent stiffness, swollen or cold feet and varicose veins
  • Black frame with Grey trim only

Increase your productivity and your well-being with the Horizon FR-01 Adjustable Footrest.

Depth 11"
Width 15"
Weight 5 lbs
Warranty PDF Limited Lifetime Warranty

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