Humanscale CPU600 CPU Holder

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Humanscale’s range of innovative accessories make the ergonomic workstation more functional and better for you.

  • Humanscale CPU600 CPU Holder is a flexible workspace solution with a sleek silhouette
  • Under-the-desk track provides easy access or convenient stowing
  • One-touch 360-degree swivel motion provides effortless access to cables, ports and drives
  • Adjustable mounting plate ensures the CPU/Tower is centred and balanced
  • Helps prevent awkward postures that could lead to injury
  • Promotes longer CPU/Tower life by allowing it to stay cool and vent freely
  • Elevates CPU/Towers off the floor where dust build-up and other hazards can damage valuable computer equipment
  • Designed for easy maintenance and use – allows for quick hardware upgrades and repairs
  • Slides smoothly on nylon glides in 16″ track
  • Tool-free installation
  • Made predominantly of aluminum, with steel and polypropylene
  • Adjusts to fit CPU/Towers that are 3.5″ to 9″wide and 12″ to 22″ tall
  • Accommodates CPU/Towers weighing up to 50 lbs
  • Available in White/Brushed Aluminum Finish & Black/Brushed Aluminum Finish
Width 7" or CPU width + 1.7"
Height CPU height + 3.6"
Chair Details
Capacity 50 lbs
Construction / Materials Aluminum and cold-rolled powder-coated Steel and Plastic
Warranty PDF Limited 15 yr Warranty

    The Humanscale CPU holder is a brilliant idea. I use it and it helps keep my computer off the floor. The instructions for installing are very clear and make for easy install.

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