Humanscale QuickStand Lite


  • Humanscale QuickStand Lite

Created by the Humanscale Design Studio to encourage a more engaged and active workspace, QuickStand Lite can be easily incorporated into an existing setting.

  • Humanscale QuickStand Lite has the ability to transform a fixed-height desk into sit/stand workstation making healthy movement and workplace sit/stand solutions accessible to everyone
  • QuickStand Lite attaches easily to any existing, fixed-height desk
  • Ideal for corporate or home office workspaces, collaboration areas, hot-desking spaces, or check-in areas
  • An innovative counterbalance mechanism enables users of varying heights to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease
  • Adjustable Keyboard & Monitor Arm Platform provides exceptional stability while typing
  • Light Duty Monitor Arm holds 1 monitor weighing up to 11 lbs
  • Heavy Duty Monitor Arm holds 1 or 2 monitors weighing between 12 & 22 lbs
  • Total height range of 20″ with an added 5.5″ of vertical monitor adjustment
  • Sleek aesthetic complements any interior
  • Available with Clamp or Grommet/Bolt-Thru mount
  • Choice of 2 finishes – Black with Grey Trim or Silver with Grey Trim

Humanscale QuickStand Lite is also available with a crossbar for dual monitors – call your atWork Team Member to discuss which system best suits your needs.

Height 20" work surface level up
Weight 29.5 lbs
Construction / Materials Recyclable Aluminum Parts
Warranty Limited 5 Year Warranty

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