Harmony Acoustic Panels

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  • Harmony Acoustic Panels
HAR 001
Shipping ETA 5-6 weeks

Create quieter focus.

Harmony Acoustic Panels and tiles work to lower the noise disruption and raise the beautification of your office.

  • Many gorgeous colours
  • Standard and limitless designs
  • Hanging or fixed
  • Acoustic material



Harmony products that are contact surfaces come pretreated with “AEGIS® Microbe Shield”; a safe, effective antimicrobial surface treatment that renders surfaces inhospitable to the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, yeast, algae, and odours that can adversely affect the life and performance of a product.

AEGIS® is not a disinfectant – AEGIS® is a long-term surface protection that continues to control and prevent the growth of Microbes 24/7 on hard and soft surfaces for 365 days between cleanings by neutralizing the Microbe’s natural cell protection.


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