Boring Meetings Suck Book Cover
Three Meeting-Busting Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Over the past century, humankind has made amazing advances in everything from technology and medicine to automation

Guy behind his computer appearing like its too much for him.
Top Ten Tips for Taming Your Email

Guest post by Alex Moore, CEO of Baydin     At Baydin, the weekly opportunity on Monday mornings

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If only I had 25 hours in my day…

Nobody feels the crush of time pressure like a small business owner. When you’re just starting out,

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Belair Helps You Take Office Health to New Heights

Do you end the workday tired? Do you sit most of your day? There is hope! Our

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Work Area Organized

There are usually a few times in the year that most people look to make some changes

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Does Your Office Love You?

Avoiding the evils of working pain – Interview with Adam Labelle of Humanscale Your chair is out

Office Furniture
Healthy Workstations For Your Business

Is your office furniture ergonomic? Here’s an excellent Q & A with atWork’s Rodney Lover, bringing you

3 Person Workstation
Are You Ready for an Open-concept Office?

Collaborative workspaces are becoming increasingly popular in offices around the globe. Corporations like Google, Sun, Intel, and

Things to Consider When Buying Ergonomic Office Furniture

According to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, the average Canadian spends approximately 36 hours per week

Desk Due Diligence: How to Select the Proper Worksurface

Your desk is likely the nerve centre of your business dealings. It’s where you answer your emails,

Eco-Friendly Office Trends

As the growing concern over climate change and global warming increases, more businesses and corporations are looking

Hon’s new VOI – A modern office style!

VOI – new from HON. Call us today for a free quote and layout! [embedyt][/embedyt] Fall in