Planted in a Healthy Workspace

If you were asked to consider how to create a positive work environment, what would you suggest?

3 Trends in 2017 Office Design

“Gather around.” That actually sums up much of the current design – getting together, working together, living

The Optimal Wellness Effect

By guest author Meaghan Jansen     “I have more energy!” “My eating has helped ward off that

Office Ergonomics Leadership Training

Humanscale Training Live in London Ontario May 11, 2017   As your office’s ergonomics ambassador, you will learn

Trouble Finding Local Tech Talent?

  By Guest Author, Jodi Simpson, Founder of CityMatch       It’s a classic demand and

5 dos & 3 don’ts to create great relationships

  Author John “Izzy” Israel’s passion spills forth in interviews and in his book Skating through College, a story

Building the Best Place to Work

  Currently, I’m reading The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace

3 Trends in Workplace Design for 2016

  Should you be trendy in your workplace design? Not always, but having an environment that is

Designing Healthy Work Environments

  “Designing Healthy Work Environments”   Live Seminar – London Ontario   Join us to learn valuable

Decorating a More Pleasurable Home Office

  A great home office balances the rigors of work and the relaxation of life in your

Office Furniture Rentals – Ontario

Making temporary space, your space!  Currently, we rent office furniture throughout Southwestern Ontario Short- and long-term rentals

Office Stress - Two Women Argueing
Avoiding Office Move Stress

“There is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus, 500 BC If you are tasked with organizing and implementing