The Optimal Wellness Effect

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By guest author Meaghan Jansen



“I have more energy!”

“My eating has helped ward off that 3pm slump!”

“I’m less stressed!”

“I move more and feel great!”


Wellness has been embraced at forward-thinking workplaces. Imagine enjoying the benefits of highly engaged, productive and happy employees? It is possible when a culture of health and wellness is adopted – and it can happen even in small to mid-sized workplaces. Why not start this month to celebrate Healthy Workplace Month?

Successful businesses are implementing easy and innovative ways to create and maintain healthy workplaces.

Here’s how they do it:

1 – Take time to plan

It is important to take time to gather company metrics and team input. Make sure resources used in your wellness program (this includes time and money) are targeted towards the highest need and the highest interest. Often, the impulse is to reach for the first great idea that comes to mind; this usually means offering an initiative that appeals personally to the program planner which can decrease the overall impact on the company as a whole.



2 – Have realistic expectations

The goal of a wellness program or initiative is long-term healthy behavioural change. It takes strategic, consistent effort to help people succeed in this. Not all initiatives offered will work for the entire staff base and that’s okay. Different offerings will appeal to different people.


The key to a successful program is to offer a variety of initiatives so that there is literally something for everyone. For example, not all staff will sign up for a lunch n’ learn or participate in a group challenge but they might read the newsletter or an email campaign, try a healthy recipe at home or share some of the literature with their families. Some initiatives may seem more successful than others, especially when you can track participation in the events. Having the expectation that the majority of staff will participate in a program at various levels is more realistic than expecting 100% participation in each initiative.



3 – Pace yourself

To ensure that ‘wellness’ becomes an ongoing part of your workplace culture, it is important that a continuous message is being sent to staff. Offering these messages through various medium throughout the calendar year is the most effective strategy. Spreading out the various wellness programs such as lunch and learns, workshops, health fairs and informational-based campaigns over the entire twelve months of the year can be effective, as can weaving wellness into all aspects of communication with staff. Organizations should think about creating a wellness page on their intranet or including an article each month in the staff newsletter. Consistency is key to success.



Meaghan Jansen, is Owner and Corporate Wellness Specialist, Employee Wellness Solutions Network.

Connect with her at

Employee Wellness Solutions Network is one of the leading corporate wellness providers in the industry. Since 2003, EWSNetwork has established many different strategic alliances in different communities that support our programs, all targeted to engage employees toward healthy behavioural changes.




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