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It’s in YOU to MOVE with wellness – especially now!

This month is Healthy Workplace Month and it’s now time to act.





Now – onto our article by guest author Meaghan Jansen…

It’s in YOU to MOVE at Work


Sitting too long is making us sick… and tired!

Our blood flow goes dormant.

And without the circulation, healthy oxygenated blood just doesn’t make its way around. Consider it “Sloth Mode”.


Sayings like the follow are far too common…!

“I can sit for hours and hours without even realizing it.”
“My energy is so low at the end of the day.”
“I hurt – my legs swell.”
“I work through my lunch.”


In “sloth mode” our energy expenditure is non-existent. Without energy, our productivity levels suffer.

Most people think that being healthy and energized is too much of an uphill battle – and it can be if you think of it that way.  But if you break “being healthy” down into bite-sized, manageable habit changes, one success leads to another and before long, we see highly motivated employees.

Moving on the job benefits your company – making you more attentive and productive… and happy!

Promoting moving more to your team might seem overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into small, achievable steps, it won’t be overwhelming.


Here are 3 things you can do to promote being more active at work…


1 – Suggest Walking Meetings

Enough sitting for meetings! People need to move in order to be productive. Suggest walk n’ talks in lieu of seated meetings. Get the juices flowing!


2 – Promote Standing

When meetings are 20 minutes or longer, give employees permission to stand up or move around as needed. Break the cycle of too much sitting for too long. Look into Standing Desks to encourage daily movement.


3 – Lead by Example

You don’t have to be extreme to be influential. If your employees see you standing, they will follow. You can even ‘get an APP for that’ to schedule stretch breaks.



It’s in YOU to MOVE with wellness – Take the survey!

Having a healthy and well culture is imperative for a sustainable workforce. Our workforces are aging and as such, we have to think proactively to ensure our health costs stay in check.

The main thing is you have to start somewhere.

The NEW Corporate Wellness Membership from EWSN is a great way for any sized-organization to start the process.

Simply complete the short survey for your chance to win a 2018 Silver Corporate Wellness Membership for your organization (value $1500).





Meaghan Jansen, is Owner and Corporate Wellness Specialist, Employee Wellness Solutions Network.

Connect with her at

Employee Wellness Solutions Network is one of the leading corporate wellness providers in the industry.

Since 2003, EWSNetwork has established many different strategic alliances in different communities that support our programs, all targeted to engage employees toward healthy behavioural changes.

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