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Modifying Meeting Rooms in our Current Covid Reality

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Working from home seemed like a safe and attractive idea back in sunny March after months of winter, but with Zoom-fatigue increasing and summer over, there’s a shift happening.


“We yearn for interaction and a shared work experience. We miss meetings with coworkers and clients.” – Gensler Design


Gensler Design recently did a survey where over 50% of respondents said that impromptu meetings and socializing are the main reason they want to return to their office. But this desire doesn’t lessen the need for organizations to keep their team as safe as possible while being productive.

Leadership teams are now challenged to bring people back to the office and to provide opportunities to collaborate but also reduce risks and include social distancing protocols that build confidence.

So let’s consider one of the biggest office questions currently… 


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What do we do with meeting rooms?

The most critical spaces for team collaboration and client meetings are the boardroom and meeting rooms. It is where ideas happen, secrets are shared, problems are solved, budgets hashed out and goals are set.

So organizations need to create or modify meeting spaces, using key themes of flexibility, adaptability and safe distancing in hopes that restrictions will relax later on. 

Here are some great suggestions from Tamara Howkins, interior designer with atWork Toronto GTA, on considering meeting spaces that cost-effectively (and with minimal disruption) adhere to current health directives and give employees confidence in their workplace. 




Measure and Modify

Regardless of how many people you dream of having in any area, it will remain a dream if you haven’t measured for social distancing. 

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These solutions will meet distancing requirements but also help you transition after COVID:


Avoid Team Confusion

Visualize your people working and moving around in your environment. Think about how many people you envision meeting in a space and prepare for it, so people are not confused. This can be achieved by: 


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Think Inside and Outside the Box 

While we may love our beautiful meeting spaces, this is an opportunity to think strategically and even outside the box to create gathering spaces that suit the current environment. 






We all want to get back to normal.

Facing the “new normal” head on, we can strategically plan our meeting spaces to be useful now and be even better later.

Need help creating or modifying your meeting spaces for the new office environment?

Let’s chat!





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