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Sitting down with atWork interior designers, Tamara Howkins (atWork Toronto GTA) and Ashley Bouck (atWork Brantford-Hamilton), we discuss modern office upgrades they are seeing to attract when hiring and keep employees productive and happy.


They identified three workspace elements – which to most would be new upgrades – to create an up to date expression of “Work Sweet Work”.


Think about the last time you walked into a beautiful home and thought you could live there. There was a feel or mood that captured your interest. It set you off dreaming about what it would be like to have this place be your own Home Sweet Home. The same is true of where we work.



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Make it Cozy and Comfortable!

Let’s face it – who wouldn’t love to sit in a cozy nook with comfortable chairs and cushions rather than a work cubicle? Tamara and Ashley remarked that employees are very willing to accept smaller workstations if they have the opportunity to move around and find other comfortable places to work throughout the day. Benching (desks with padded seating parts), lounge areas and collaborative cafe-like higher tables are attractive to new employees similar to a relaxed and informal dress code is.


Add in Nature!

Designers of work environments are adding textured, wood-like desks and walls to create a feel for people of the outdoors. The wellness vibe is enhanced as a result. Ashley commented that plywood as a finish seems to be a new trend she is seeing. It offers an attractive way to showcase a natural feel to a space.
Live plant walls have great appeal also! Office greenery and even water features inspire productivity and help employees feel less “cooped up inside all day”.



Offer Movement, Meditation and Quiet

Tamara offered there was a time that sit-stand or treadmill desks were new and popular requests but there are simple ways of office design to add healthy movement, such as a common printer for people to walk to, that can accomplish this, and could be better for an employee’s overall well-being.
A workplace gym is a luxury for most but there are many ways to add other less costly ways to recharge physically, emotionally or mentally during the workday.

Creating workspaces that allow for movement is easily accomplished. Have collaborative areas to stand and connect, creative lunchrooms and coffee/refreshment spots for a break.

Quiet rooms or pods that encourage a short break, have a nap, allow for meditation or recharge are becoming a welcome modern office furniture upgrade as a strategy for stress. Telephone booths are coming back – appealing to give staff members a space that is private and respects personal privacy. Tamara achieved this for herself within a little pod, offering a seat with side walls and a telephone where conversations are private.



In Conclusion

Overall Wellness seems to be an important theme to attracting and retaining new employees. Making it comfortable and cozy, adding in naturalistic elements and creating spaces and opportunities for movement and quiet are impactful ways to create a winning workplace!

Contact us today if you need help attracting new hires with office upgrades.




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