What The Right Reception Desk Says About Your Business

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “look at the problem through new eyes?”

Here’s a suggestion…

Go outside your office and imagine what your customers see as you follow their path in your front door. Look around your reception area. How would it make a visitor feel? Would a potential employee want to work here?

Do you have dated reception seating… an old-style front desk…? What does it say about your business?

First impressions matter. To customers, employees, and potential business venture partners. Anyone that walks in the front door.


Dark and Old vs Bright and Friendly


A reception area that is dark, and old effects everyone’s mood right away. Even the person behind the reception desk. Your receptionist could be the brightest most cheerful person you know. But, a few hours in a cold, dated environment will change that attitude. And people walking in the door pick up on it.

Naturally, you aren’t intentionally causing this problem. But you can become blind to it. Now look at your reception area as if it were bright and friendly and new. Wouldn’t that send a better message to everyone coming in the door? Including the person behind the desk?


Your Reception Desk is Your Welcome Center


Your reception desk is the centerpiece of the reception area. It’s the first thing people look for when they walk in the door. That’s why it is so important to choose the right desk. But, how do you know which desk is best? Well, you might want to consider bringing in experienced assistance. Get the advice and help you need from a professional (like our atWork space planners). Refreshing a reception is a small cost when compared to increased branding, and office morale.

The point is this, you want your business culture on display right out in front for all to see. Customers and visitors should feel invited and positive as they enter your work “home”. A dark, worn out, reception area doesn’t send a message of “we care about you.”

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