Is Your Business an Instagram Star?

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Excellent to have guest writer, Cassie Vivyurka, social media manager dole out some business marketing wisdom.


Back when we were kids, most of us at one time dreamed of being a celebrity. A star.

Or a famous person with millions of screaming fans clamoring for us. We’d have to run and literally dive into the waiting limo. Just out of reach of the crazy adoring mob.

Well what if I told you that those dreams could be a reality.

OK… I’m not talking about Kardashian famous.

I’m talking a solid follower base on Instagram. Enough to grow your business and help you feel confident in your lead flow.

Reaching out to new customers on Instagram can make you a star. If your business uses it and manages it correctly.

First of all, why should your business have a presence on Instagram and social media in general? Let’s answer that with another question. Have you ever witnessed a person walking down the street with their smartphone in their face? I’m picturing the guy walking right into a light pole.

Yes, that is social media at work. Your customers can’t get enough of it. Social media is the new norm for hanging out and staying informed.

Another reason for having a presence on social media… because your competition is there. Scooping up your customers. Your customers get to know, like, and trust that your competition can deliver the goods or services. So, if you want to get your message and business in front of your customers, you have to be where the customer is hanging out.

Keep in mind that social media is viewed as “info-tainment”. So deliver your information in an entertaining way. Humour, how-to’s, heartwarming stories, new innovations are all examples.

Instagram is a visual medium as opposed to a text medium. So you’re going to need lots of images. Like of your products or services. Images of you and employees if you have any. Images of customers smiling and happy while completing a purchase.


One Instagram example I will share here is my great client @atWorkLondon . What we have established for them is a mix of product shots, motivational quotes, article shares and family-friendly  office humour. Oh, and cool happenings around their company. We are actually light on the product images as they know not everyone wants to see filing cabinets and desks again and again. And in that vein, we actually only post twice a week generally.

How often should you post an image on Instagram? According to Buffer, a social media scheduling tool, it is recommended posting two times a day. And they go on to say that posting between 8 and 9 am, then again around 2 pm is optimal. I actually prefer once a day.. But ideal posting frequency and times differ for each business.

By now you might be thinking “how do I get started?”

Well first, go to Instagram and set up an account.

Second, your profile is important, so get all your contact information in there. Use the bio to explain who you are, who you serve, and what you offer.

Third, gather up some images of you, your employees, your business, your customers, and start sharing.

Now this is a simplified explanation for using Instagram. There are tons of tips and tricks you need to learn. Way more than we can cover in this article. So, do your research.

Ok, I hear you. You’re busy and who has time for all of this? And you are right. Using social media is time consuming if done correctly. Rather than “set it and forget it” social media takes time – but it works. And this is marketing for your business which will bring in a stream of new customers. So how do you not use it?

So – to save time I suggest finding a social media manager to do this work for you. A good manager will bring more sales into your business. More than enough to pay for itself and increase your profit margins.


There’s no better time than now to realize your dreams of being a star!


Cassie Vivyurka is Vivify, a social media manager for hire. She is hired by businesses such as yours to start, manage and teach social media advertising. Clients include food industry, automotive, construction, B2B companies, beauty care, family entertainment venues and more!

Feel free to reach out to Cassie with any questions… Visit the Vivify website or find her on Instagram and Facebook

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