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Home Offices are Blooming This Spring

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home office mood boards 2021


Now that the weather is warming up and the ground has thawed, it is a perfect time to think about getting outside.

But wait… office work still needs to happen!

So with the sun streaming in the window, we work inside, longing to enjoy the fresh air of spring.

This month, we asked Vanessa Cosgrove, Designer and Owner of Mosaic Design in London, Ontario, to provide some “Mood Board” inspiration for 3 home offices.


Mood Board – “a type of visual presentation or ‘collage’ consisting of images, text, and samples of objects… used to convey a general idea or feeling about a particular topic.”


Home Office Mood Boards 2021A mood board by a designer provides an overall mood for the visual eye that allows people to pull it all together. Instead of focusing on the piece you need, it focuses on the look and functionality you hope to achieve. It is all about the style and space, not individual components. Once you know what suits and inspires your space and style, it is much easier to break down the steps to how to make it happen.

Vanessa goes on to say that when it comes to design, the majority of us are visual. If you are looking to makeover a whole room, it can be challenging to know how or where to start, especially if you are repurposing some current furniture, working with an existing space or have your own style to consider.

“The more I know, the better! I can plan the space and how it will be used for the client’s living style,” says Vanessa.

Vanessa works with clients by asking lots of questions and really narrowing down their preferences and needs, style and space, seeing what they have to work with and starting with an appropriate colour scheme.



Here are three mood boards by Vanessa for different three home office concepts that may inspire your next workspace refresh. Take particular note of the simple to follow, gorgeous colour schemes selected… a light, a medium and a dark.


Concept 1 – Small, Modern Condo Home Office

concept 1 small office atwork 2021

Using lighter colours and sleek, slim lines, this home office mood board achieves an airy feel with a neutrality that tends to make a room feel larger.

The versatility is also convenient and often crucial for small home office spaces. In this mood board, the desk could serve as a dining table, and the bookshelf could have multiple uses for either decor or books. The rolling filing cabinet is perfect for mobility if needed. In a small office mood board, we look to find furniture that can be used for different purposes and think about the space.

Suppose this mood board is feeling too neutral for you, but the space considerations work. In that case, it is considered the best strategy to stay neutral for the most prominent items and add your pops of the desired colour into customized legs of the desk, artwork or pillows.





Concept 2 – Medium, Transitional Home Office

concept 2 medium office atwork 2021

This inspired mood board would suit a single-family home that can accommodate a comfortable getaway from the clutter and chaos of kids or pets running around and other busy living areas in the house. This visual is a calm and relaxing retreat, easy on the eyes, used daily or occasionally working from home. Everything needs a space in this home office to make it a part of your home. It shouldn’t necessarily feel like an office.

Warm fabrics, some pops of colours, and a glass coffee table don’t take too much space in this transitional home office. It is a suitable space for occasional clients to meet, interviews, and spacious enough for meetings. This office mood welcomes a room that can always be tidy, mixing modern and traditional style.





Concept 3 – Large, Traditional Home Office Description

concept 3 large office atwork 2021

Our third mood board is for a larger and more traditional home office feel. This office is elegant and probably of higher-end upscale quality. This homeowner desires a big desk and other heavier pieces. Their choices include more detail, a rich wood design and high-end leather. The colour palette in this mood board is dark and moody.

This home office could be perfect for a business owner who houses many office meetings and spends a lot of time in this space. He or she (or a couple together) use their office a lot. It is literally their second home. The mixture of deep leathers and rich wood are reflective of their branding identity aligns with their values.






Download Vanessa’s Mood Board PDF here


If you want to do a refresh on your home office this spring, hiring a designer to create a mood board can give you a grand launch to make a plan that works for your needs, space, and style. You want a designer who:



Home offices appear to be here to stay – make them work for you in the best way possible.

Are you in the mood for a home office transformation this spring?

Chat with the atWork team today


Vanessa Cosgrove London Ontario


Vanessa Cosgrove is an expert at connecting the dots, getting to the heart of what inspires you most and establishing a design that reflects that inspiration in fresh, unique ways. Vanessa is the owner and Creative Director behind Mosaic Design. Interior design is more than her passion, career or even vocation – it’s a part of her DNA. Find her at www.mosaicdesignstudio.ca






Contributing writer Kim Hussey is the creative energy behind The Write View. From Cambridge, Ontario you can find her enjoying nature or writing from her heart. Go to kimhussey.com to read ways The Write View supports your writing needs.


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