Greeting & Meeting

Greeting and meeting spaces are no longer relegated to receptions or executive lounges.


In offices, today’s workers want fresh variety in their casual seating areas, and choice in where they get work done.

In libraries and public spaces, zones are being created to allow for project learning and visitor connections.

Collaboration lounge seating areas are being influenced by residential living spaces and coffee shops.


It would be easy to select trendy home-oriented furniture for these spaces, but commercial environments require certain characteristics to get the most out of your company’s time and monetary investment.




Commercial soft seating options are growing each season. These lines and the fabrics to cover them go through rigorous testing so they look the same years from now as they did when you selected them. The professional image you want today will be supported with non-sagging, durable construction for years to come.


When you meet with a client, getting up or out of a chair shouldn’t be a second thought. Most commercial styles support users more firmly so when the time comes to exit the seat, everybody can do it gracefully and without assistance. Elderly or challenged guests can be especially concerned with what is supporting their body.


Tailor your seating. Specify it to your company’s brand by choosing a style that expresses your level of professionalism or fun. Create the desired impression – a mood of intimacy, casualness or give your clients space for comfort. Add details for your use such as plug outlets for laptop meetings, or inset table tops for coffee talks. The power is in your hands (or seats for that matter).


Want to sit down and talk about your meeting areas? Connect with us today.




Items pictured

  1. OFGO Tribute
  2. OFGO Denver
  3. Artopex Fjord
  4. OFGO Remington
  5. OFGO Tribute
  6. ICON Attend
  7. OFGO Liberty
  8. OFGO Remington
  9. OFGO Parker
  10. Artopex Downtown
  11. OFGO Infinity
  12. Krug Zola Privacy
  13. Artopex Fjord
  14. Krug Zola Privacy
  15. OFGO Unify
  16. OFGO Liberty
  17. OFGO Versa
  18. OFGO Versa

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