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How much should I spend on an office chair?

  Office furniture is often deemed a necessary evil in the business budget.   And an office

3 Quick Ergonomic Tips for “Work From Home” Employees

  Before we started our mass effort to “Stay at Home”, teams were trying out the idea

Posture pain
It’s All in Your Hands! …and Shoulders… and Neck…

Improving Your Posture, atWork We are often asked about the best office chair to help with posture.

Office Chair Back Support - Finding the Right Fit
Office Chair Back Support – Finding the Right Fit

Countless reports from chiropractors and physiotherapists are emerging about the problems that emerged from the pandemic crisis.

Start 2020 in Comfort in a New ICON Q2 Task Chair

Introducing the ICON Q2 Ergonomic Task Chair. Comfortable. Adjustable. Durable. And yes, affordable (starting at $369.99).  

Moving at Work

  It’s in YOU to MOVE with wellness – especially now! This month is Healthy Workplace Month

Our Best Ergonomic Office Chair
The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Did you know that nearly one third of an average employee’s day is spent in an office?

Sit Stand Desk
Stand Up for Comfort

Add standing and movement to your workday Adam Labelle, Ergonomist for Humanscale Consulting Canada, presented “Stand Up

Man at a Belair Desk
Belair Helps You Take Office Health to New Heights

Do you end the workday tired? Do you sit most of your day? There is hope! Our

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Does Your Office Love You?

Avoiding the evils of working pain – Interview with Adam Labelle of Humanscale Your chair is out

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Healthy Workstations For Your Business

Is your office furniture ergonomic? Here’s an excellent Q & A with atWork’s Rodney Lover, bringing you

Things to Consider When Buying Ergonomic Office Furniture

According to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, the average Canadian spends approximately 36 hours per week