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3 Quick Ergonomic Tips for “Work From Home” Employees

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Before we started our mass effort to “Stay at Home”, teams were trying out the idea of working remotely from home.

Overall, having teams work remotely can have benefits including less distraction, reduced overhead costs and lower absenteeism.

But at-home employees’ workday health takes planning and effort to learn how to optimize their set-up for successful remote working.




Last week, workspace and ergonomic thought leader Humanscale held a virtual seminar “How To Set Up Your Working from Home Employees For Success”.

Although many offices are looking to return to their physical offices soon, many teams look to continue an element of WFH.




So here are Humanscale’s 3 quick Ergonomic Tips for WFH employees trying to keep their workday a productive and healthy one.


1) The Laptop Hunch is real.

Don’t work directly on your laptop – dock it or at least have an external keyboard and mouse and lift the screen. Hunching over your laptop can cause upper back pain, headaches and stress. Sit back in your chair, and use an adjustable height keyboard tray low in your lap hooked to your laptop. Your back will thank you.




2) There are many ways to get yourself into an ergonomic posture.

An ergonomic chair, adjustable keyboard tray, standing desk to name a few.  Invest in what you can afford and improvise the rest. IE. Move to the kitchen counter if you can’t afford a standing solution or at least find a box you can securely lift your laptop up on to so you can stand and type a little.



3) Movement is good.

In fact it is very good! Don’t forget to get up once an hour. Your muscles need it. Your circulation needs it. When you work from home you don’t have to travel as far – ie, printer, lunchroom, see a coworker, even getting to work or your car. So remember once every 60 minutes to get up, stretch, and move.



Want to watch the full presentation? Go here to Humanscale’s seminar page





Connect with atWork today. We would love to help you work in comfort and be tremendously productive.


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