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I just wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service that I received today at your store. I came in to look for a replacement desk chair since mine had a malfunctioning shock and base attachment even though it is less than one year old. I couldnít find anything that was within my price range so I approached the desk and began explaining my dilemma to Mark. He was more than helpful and walked out to the parking lot where I had the chair in my vehicle. He looked at the chair and was quick to point out that they could replace the shock and possibly the faulty base. He took the chair to the back and within 15 minutes he had replace both parts and I was on my way for under $80. He could have easily tried to sell me a new or used chair but listened to my concerns and reacted accordingly. It is not too often that one gets to experience such a positive experience in todayís world of fast paced, big box stores. Iíll be coming back to Lovers for my next piece of office furniture. It was a refreshing change. Thanks again!

Hasco, London
Lovers atWork

Okimi's atWork Office Furniture Delivery Update, I did receive a call Wednesday afternoon letting me know that the delivery will be early afternoon. The Driver/Installer was EXTREMELY wonderful! He showed up at 12:00pm and was fast and friendly. He said that he would get you to refund the extra feet because we didnít need them and was an absolute pleasure to have around. He needs a raise! You donít get to meet too many people as warm and friendly these days! Thanks again for the overall great experience! We shall be keeping you in mind for future purchases. Stacey Henderson Administrative Assistant

Stacey Henderson, Administrative Assistant,
Atkinson Engineering Inc., Hamilton, Ontario
Okimi's atWork

Yesterday was the first time I had worked a full day this week and I have to say I'm really delighted with my chair. My back really hurt when I sat down at my computer yesterday morning and half an hour later when I got up, I felt a lot better. Overall, the pain was better yesterday and I wasn't as tired at the end of the day -- amazing! The chair is really comfortable; in fact, it's easily as comfortable as my Stressless chair. I appreciated the time you spent with me last week; your expertise helped me to make the best decision. It also meant a great deal to me knowing that you had tried both models of the HumanScale chairs. Thanks again, Chris. I'm telling everyone I know about my chair and also about the great service I received from Lovers and from you personally. My only regret is that I didn't buy my chair sooner... Best regards, Judy

Judy Liebner
Lovers atWork

The atWork staff are helpful and knowledgeable. We have so very much appreciated the time that they take to understand us and our needs before presenting us with the best solutions for our work environment. From the sales team to those that install the furniture, all are friendly, professional staff that make purchasing and installing office furniture easy.

Ruth Macfarlane, SDS Manager
Compassion Canada, London, ON
Lovers atWork

Competitive, professional, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. These are the words we use to describe both the management and installation teams at Lovers atWork! We relied upon their expertise to transition our growing organization into new and larger office space, and they delivered top quality furnishings on time and on budget, providing us with plan-perfect facilities we are proud to call our own.

Matt Telford, COO
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Lovers atWork

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